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Ambra Ne Pal    SOLD OUT     A sensuous pale rich smelling amber with notes of
cardamon and vanilla. Smokey, creamy and spicey all rolled into one. If you like Amber you

will love this!   Soaped well with no acceleration and discolored medium brown.  FP - 200F                

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Apricot Ginger Chutney   SOLD OUT        Absolutely gorgeous, unique fragrance!!  Sweet juicy apricots mingled with soothing warm ginger and soft spicy chutney. The ginger mellows the apricot out nicely to form a smooth delectable fragrance! Can't go wrong with this one! Excellent choice for spring and summer or to liven up the long days of winter! Soaped Beautifully, no acceleration or noticeable discoloration.  FP - 200F 

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95  

Axe Kilo      Our version of the very popular Axe Kilo that so many men love.  Strong, Fresh and masculine. Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloration. Contains one Phthalate

FP -  199F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Blackberry      A heavenly, lush and juicy sweet blackberry, holds up wonderfully in CP soap.  Fresh-picked blackberries straight from the forest are inherent in this scent. A wonderful scent that is pure fruit without any perfume or candy tones. Pure blackberry heaven! WARNING- stay away from the bears!  No acceleration or discoloration        FP - 155 F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95    

Black Coffee    A sure to pick you up in the morning scent.  Did you know that coffee can take the smell of cooking, onions and garlic off your hands?  Try this fragrance in your soap mixed with coffee grinds for a wonderful exfoliating, wake me up scent!!  No acceleration, does discolor to a light tan.    FP - 200F 

  4oz  - $9.00 8oz  -  $14.50 16oz   -  $24.95   

Black Raspberry Tropics    This is a complex fragrance. Super juicy and delectable! Notes of Blue Raspberry, Red Raspberry, Blackberry, Grapes, Peach, Pineapple and Pomegrante!  Perfect spring and summer fragrance.    CP Soap - Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloration.     FP - 200 F

  4oz  - $10.75 8oz  -  $15.95 16oz   -  $26.95    

Black Raspberry Vanilla   One of my best sellers in soap and body butters!  Sweet, sun-ripened, ripe, bursting with flavor raspberries mingled with creamy smooth vanilla. Smells good enough to eat!   A BBW Type.  Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and very minimal discoloration 

FP - 190F    

  4oz  - $10.95 8oz  -  $16.95 16oz   -  $28.95    

Black Tahitian Orchid      An incredibly luxurious scent with sultry woods and rich fruit to bring out the enticing combination of Bergamot, Citrus, Mandarin, Black Gardenia, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, Lotus Wood, Orchid. An absolutely beautiful fragrance! Tested with DWCP goats milk soap no acceleration, did discolor to a milk chocolate brown. Holds scent beautifully in soap . FP - 199*F

  4oz  - $10.95 8oz  -  $16.75 16oz   -  $28.50    

Blue Raspberry   The sweet, soft scent of blue raspberry is perfect for body washes, soaps, lotions, candles...well, just about everything! This dark blue raspberry has been ripening in the summer sun to treat you to a yummy, fresh, sweet combination that will relax and rejuvenate you! This one has been a longtime customer favorite for children's soaps.   FP - 180F 

  4oz  - $10.75 8oz  -  $15.95 16oz   -  $26.95    

Blueberry Pound Cake     Sweet, juicy and absolutely delicious!!!  Enjoy this mouthwatering blend of fruits and bakery sweets that when you close your eyes you smell homemade blueberry pound cake, just warm from the oven!  Fresh blueberries blended with delicious bakery notes. And because it is body safe, you can enjoy this sensational scent every day of the year without leaving a mess in the kitchen!    Does discolor!   FP - 180F 

  4oz  - $8.50 8oz  -  $12.75 16oz   -  $21.95    

Cassis Fig    This is a unique complex fragrance and OH SO Gooooooood!The scent of sun-warmed figs and delicate cassis, entwined with notes of hyacinth and cedarwood. Makes a fantastic smelling body parfait and fantastic soap! Want to add a unique new fragrance to your line? This is the one! A great choice for Christmas as well. No acceleration, discolored to a light tan.    FP - 146F   

  4oz  - $11.95 8oz  -  $16.95 16oz   -  $29.95    

Coconut Sand    Bring the tropical beach to your home, or better yet into your bathroom with no physical sand in your toes! If you love the smell of coconut, this one is for you! . Tested with DWCP goats milk soap blended beautifully and no acceleration! Does discolor to a very light tan.  Holds scent strongly in soap. FP - 200*F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Coffee Amaretto     Who could ask for more?  the dark awakening scents of black coffee mixed with the warm nutty scent of amaretto.  This would work great with coffee grinds added for exfoliation!  Does not accelerate or size.  Does discolor soap to a very very light tan.  FP - 185F 

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.75 16oz   -  $23.95    

Cold Water   Cold Water Type is the ultimate masculine fragrance, yet the ladies love it too! With sharp citrus top notes that include black currant and pineapple this blend is rounded off with base & middle notes of honeydew, muguet, water lily and the bold masculine scent of vetiver, amber and a touch of mulberry.  Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloration.  FP  - 180F

  4oz  - $12.50 8oz  -  $19.25 16oz   -  $31.95    

Crme Brulee     SOLD OUT     Wickedly rich and delectable! Creamy custard with layers of caramel and butterscotch topped with burnt sugar and vanilla. Incredibly delicious! Makes a BEST SELLING candle and a soap that smells good enough to eat! Gotta try it! Everyone that smells it says mmmm WOW!  FP - 188F

  4oz  - $8.75 8oz  -  $13.25 16oz   -  $22.95    

Dragon's Blood     One of my favorite sultry, exotic scents with a blend of amber, musk, vanilla & patchouli. Undertones of jasmine and rose with just a hint of orange spice.  Idid my goat milk soap purple with black swirls and gold mica... so I had time to swirl!  Does not accelerate trace but does discolor to a very light tan.  FP - 184F

  4oz  - $14.95 8oz  -  $24.95 16oz   -  $38.95    

Energy     What so many of you have been asking for!!   Notes of lemon, lime and grapefruit mingled with a bit of freshness, berries and slight patchouli bottom note. Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloration.  FP  - 134F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Fall Festival     As the leaves crunch beneath your feet, visions of hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin patches come to mind with this fabulous fall fragrance. Cinnamon, orange zests, marshmallows, brown sugar, nutmeg and more all blend together perfectly to form this complex fragrance.  No acceleration with a very minimal discoloration    FP - 175F 

  4oz  - $8.50 8oz  -  $13.00 16oz   -  $22.75    

Fresh Melon    A little bit of cantaloupe, a little bit of honeydew and toss in a little bit of watermelon too!  A wonderful mixture of three sweet melons all in one!   No discolor or acceleration of trace.  FP - 200F 

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Georgia Peach     There is nothing more refreshing than holding a ripe Georgia peach in your hand and sinking your teeth into it!  The smell of the peach as your slurp the juice running down your hand is absolutely delicious!  No acceleration but a very light creamy color with my recipe.  I just work it into the color scheme!  FP - 200F 

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Grandmas Kitchen     Sugar, spice and everything nice and edible is what this fragrance reminds me of.  Imagine your grandmother baking to her hearts content and you are sitting waiting to lick the bowl!  Hints of orange, clove, sandalwood, berry and cinnamon, mmmmmmm..  This is a favorite in candles.   FP - 196F 

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $29.95    

Green Bamboo    Gorgeously crisp, clear, fresh fragrance. It reminds me of dewdrops sitting on bright green leaves in the Amazonian rainforest. A fragrance you must try! Soaped perfectly with a very slight acceleration and no discoloration.   FP - 183F 

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    

Green Berry     A little hint of dew, a little hint of rain sprinkled flowers that bloom before the berry forms.  Mixed with the crisp tart berry makes a delightful fresh scent in your soap products.   Does discolor to a medium tan but does not accelerate.   FP - 130F    

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95     

Green Irish Tweed    This is a FANTASTIC mens fragrance but I love it too!  Smooth, Sexy and masculine. Top notes of lemon and verbena, middle notes of Iris and Violet Leaves and base notes of mysore sandalwood and ambergris. Makes a great eye opening soap or a wonderful cologne for your hubby or friends for the Holidays! You gotta try this one!  I soap at cool temps with this one as it does have a slight acceleration with my recipe.  No discoloration.     FP 200F 

  4oz  - $12.95 8oz  -  $19.75 16oz   -  $32.95    

Green Tea   Exactly what you would expect a green tea fragrance to smell like.  Personally I think it is one of the best green tea fragrances I have ever smelled.  Fresh and green with a little bit of sweetness. Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloration.  FP - 200F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.98 16oz   -  $25.95    


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