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Sandalwood Vanilla     This is our sandalwood vanilla that we carry. A truly GORGEOUS fragrance! A nice even blend, not too sweet and not too spicy. Sexy, sultry and sensuous! An excellent unisex blend and a fragrance that will send your products flying off the shelf! You have to smell it to believe it! FANTASTIC!!! If you haven't tried it, here is your chance, gotta have it! Soaped great with no acceleration and only a light/medium discoloration.  FP - 200F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95    


Saskatoon Berry         SOLD OUT            For all berry lovers!  Imagine smelling a ripe, juicy berry mixed with the crisp, coolness of fresh fallen snow!   This is sure to be a favorite for your berry products!  No acceleration or discolouration.   FP - 150F

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.75 16oz   -  $23.95    


Satsuma     This is based on the infamous B&BW Satsuma.  An intense citrus blend of mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot and lemon with hints of apple, mango, peach and raspberry. Truly outstanding and people LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance. A must have!   A bestseller.   No acceleration or discoloration.    FP  - 149F

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.75 16oz   -  $23.95    


Sea Kelp     This is one of our best selling fragrances so don't let the name fool ya! If you are looking for an* INCREDIBLE* fresh ocean type scent then you must try our Sea Kelp! Notes of clear watery greens with a hint of white musk.  A must-have for Spring after this hard snowy winter.  Soap at low temperatures as it can cause a slight acceleration of trace    FP - 197*F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95    


Spiced Raspberry Patchouli    This is one of my favorite scents and has quickly become a top seller in our goat milk soap. Strong tart raspberries with underlying notes of patchouli. Makes a gorgeous fresh bar of soap. Men and Women alike love this fragrance. Soaped excellent with no acceleration of trace, No discoloration.   FP - 167F  

  4oz  - $12.95 8oz  -  $19.75 16oz   -  $32.95    


Strawberry Daquiri    A refreshing blend of fresh ripe strawberries, and lemon zests with a hint of fresh vanilla. I can smell the crispness of the ice!   Certainly makes me crave getting out the blender!! No discoloration of soap and mixed well with oils.  No acceleration but does discolor to a very light tan.  FP - 200 F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95    


Sugar Cookie     I've finally found it--a true "sugar cookie" scent--a straight sugar and vanilla bakery fragrance without any other notes like spice or nuts.  Just a simple pure sugar cookie scent that's great for blending but wonderful on its own as well. If you're looking for "THE ONE" as far as sugar cookie fragrance oils--look no further.  FP - 200 F

  4oz  - $8.75 8oz  -  $13.00 16oz   -  $22.95    


Sweet Red Clover    One of our best selling FO. Absolutely STUNNING!! I can't say enough about this one. WOW WOW WOW! It is so pretty, soft and summery! Everyone that has smelled this fragrance says "mmmmmmmmm is that ever nice"!  Gotta have this one! Max skin usage 13%.  This one acts a little fast, but so worth the end result!  Soap cool!        FP - 190*F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $27.95    


Tangerine Twist  I love this fragrance... . Very unique and wonderful. Soft notes of Tangerine, Mandarin, grapefruit and lime mingled with golden honey and a slight hint of musk. Delectable.
Soaped perfectly with no discoloration and no acceleration. Contains one Phthalate.   FP 174

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $15.25 16oz   -  $26.95    


Tiare Flower   A magnificent little flower with snow-white petals arranged in the form of a star that is known as Tiare Tahiti or Tiare Mahoi. Just imagine crushed Bamboo wrapped by exotic Ylang-Ylang with the warmth of native Vanilla. As spicy and sensual as the many Islands. Tested with DWCP goats milk soap no acceleration or discolor. Holds scent wonderfully in soap.   FP - >200*F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $15.25 16oz   -  $26.95    


Vanilla Bourbon    Rich, sweet, creamy, smooth, bourbon vanilla.  My all time favorite in a vanilla line.  Men love it, and women too!!    Top seller in lotions and soaps!  Fantastic on its own or blend with numerous other oils to create a scent of your own.   No acceleration of trace, discolored brown.  FP - >200*F

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.75 16oz   -  $23.95    


Yuzu Fruit  Inspiired by the fragrant yuzu fruit which is grown throughout Japan, this is enhanced with notes of grapefruit, mandarin, bergamot and soft musk.  No  acceleration of trace, no discoloration.  FP - 200 F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    



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