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Intense Rose - If you are looking for a strong true rose scent then this is for you! Absolutely gorgeous!! If you have ever stuck your nose into a fresh cut bouquet of roses in the florists cooler you know what this smells like.  CP Soap - Slight acceleration, No discoloration.     FP - 200*F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $29.95    


Kumquat    I know you are probably asking what a Kumkuat is?? Kumquat is from the citrus family. They look very much like a little orange and they are very sweet and juicy. This is truly a citrus lovers delight for bath and body products, soaps and candles.  No acceleration or discolor.  A #1 seller in CP soap.    FP 127F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $16.50 16oz   -  $29.95    


Lemon Curd    This is not quite what one would expect from the name, a REALLY must try FO. Tart zesty lemons topped with sugar, butter and vanilla!  The lemon hits your senses first followed by a light sweet note.  Makes you want to eat it! Reminiscent of lemon spread that is so popular in England that tops scones and bread during afternoon tea.     DWCP Soap - No acceleration of trace, discolored light tan.    FP - 131 F

  4oz  - $10.95 8oz  -  $15.95 16oz   -  $26.95    


Lilac      This Lilac is stronger and sticks better than the last one! Just like sticking your face in a freshly picked bouquet of lilacs. Gorgeous fragrance and makes an absolutely beautiful smelling soap! Sure to be a great seller! Soaped well with slight acceleration and no discoloration.  FP - 200 F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.95 16oz   -  $25.95    


Lime Peppercorn     I don't even know how to describe this one, very complex but a FANTASTIC fragrance! I can definitely smell a creamy champagne type Top note along with slight notes of anise, citrus and pepper. I cant stop smelling it! Soaped well with slight acceleration and discolored a light tan. Contains one DPG.      FP - 141 F

  4oz  - $12.50 8oz  -  $19.50 16oz   -  $31.95    


Love Spell, VS Type     It has been a while since we had this fragrance oil and I am so happy to get it back in stock! Notes of citrus and strawberry with a base note of musk. Very sensual, very soft and pretty. Soaped perfectly with no acceleration and no discoloring so far.    FP >200 *F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.75 16oz   -  $25.95    


MacIntosh Apples   This is perhaps the best apple fragrance that I have ever soaped with. Just like fresh, juicy, crisp Macintosh Apples picked on a warm autumn day!    CP Soap - No acceleration of trace, discolored light tan.      FP - 160 F

  4oz  - $8.75 8oz  -  $14.00 16oz   -  $23.95    


Monkey Farts  Absolutely the best tropical scent around!  Don't let the name fool you!  A combination of pineapple, bubblegum, strawberries and bananas with just a hint of vanilla makes this fragrance anything but disgusting!  Sure to be a fun scent for all ages!  Will discolor soap to a dark brown.      FP - 180 F

  4oz  - $9.25 8oz  -  $14.25 16oz   -  $24.95    


Oatmeal, Milk & Honey   A warm intoxicating blend with the perfect amount of oatmeal, milk and honey. Smells just like a bowl was placed right in front of you on a brisk, cold winters morn.  Holds up excellent in CP soap but will discolor your soap to a dark tan/light brown.  Try grinding some oatmeal and adding it to your soap at trace!   FP - 200 F 

  4oz  - $10.95 8oz  -  $14.95 16oz   -  $25.95    


Orange Vanilla    An absolutely, can't stop smelling, fragrance oil!  Juicy sweet orange slices mixed with a hint of vanilla are perfect for a sunny day!  This will be one of your favorites in your citrus line!!  Does discolor in CP soap - use some titanium dioxide to prevent discoloration FP - 135F

  4oz  - $10.50 8oz  -  $15.50 16oz   -  $26.95    


Patchouli        Remember the 70s? This is a popular fragrance from then; deep musky and earthy, not too flowery... or too much perfume.  A perfect patchouli in my book.  Smells wonderful when mixed with fragrances of Orange, Lavender or Sandlewood.  Does not discolor nor accelerate.  

FP - >200*F

  4oz  - $12.95 8oz  -  $20.25 16oz   -  $34.95    


Perfect Pomegranate     Pomegranate is natures most labor-intensive fruit but definitely worth the work!  This FO is deep, rich and will leave your mouth watering for more. No acceleration - discolors soap to a light tan.  FP -  200 F 

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.50 16oz   -  $23.95    


Pineapple Cilantro     This is a great pineapple scent with a twist.  Sweet ripe juicy pineapple with just a hint of cilantro. Try a bright yellow colorant and swirl into white/cream colored soap and the result is a very pretty soft bar that smells good enough to eat! Young and old will enjoy this one! Soaped beautifully in CP soap. No acceleration of trace and no discoloration. FP*199*F

  4oz  - $8.95 8oz  -  $13.75 16oz   -  $23.95    


Pink Sugar (Aquolina Type)       SOLD OUT          A well known, top selling, playfully soft women's fragrance with the sweetness of sugar, cotton candy, vanilla, musk and light florals.: Sweet and sexy. Soaped well in DWCP GM with no acceleration and light brown discoloration. Color will vary depending on % of FO used. FP: >200*F

  4oz  - $9.75 8oz  -  $14.98 16oz   -  $25.95    



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